On Saturday, April 21st about 100 people attended the first Voices for Autism conference presented by CDS Monarch and Nazareth College, to educate the community about autism and bring together local resources.

Autism has become one of the fastest-growing disabilities in the US--affecting an estimated 1.5 million Americans--that's 1 in 88 children, and 1 in 54 boys. With this disability, both children and adults will be faced with a range of issues, challenges and demands throughout their life.

The conference brought together the expertise and experiences of family members, professionals and individuals on the spectrum in order to address a variety of topics relevant to promoting lifelong advocacy and self-advocacy for these individuals including: supporting communication, increasing knowledge regarding available services and supports, and developing strong supportive relationships across the community.

Author and advocate Dr. Paula Kluth was the keynote speaker. Several other professionals presented on a variety of topics related to autism in morning and afternoon breakout sessions.
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