Lynne Sobczak is the Senior Registered Nurse at CDS Monarch, and has worked here since 2001, starting out at the Calkins and Woodside residences. She is primarily responsible for making sure that proper medical care is being provided to all of the individuals she takes care of. Lynne's primary area of care is within the CDS Monarch residential service area, but she has also had the opportunity to assist individuals with disabilities in Family Care, and Community Living, as well as Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Military Sexual Trauma who are enrolled in Warrior Salute, a service of CDS Monarch. She also oversees all of the other RNs at the agency and assists them where needed. Additionally, Lynne has taken on a leadership role recently, in order to fill in for a fellow coworker.

Over the years Lynne has been involved in teaching Medication Administration and Infectious Disease Training. She has also participated on the Aging and Special Review Committees, as well as those for intake, policy development and training.

"Lynne brings versatility to the CDS Monarch nursing team, with a background in providing care for diverse populations of people," stated Andrew Sewnauth, Administrator for Community Living. "She works extremely hard, and pays close attention to detail in order to provide the best care for her individuals."

"My favorite part of working here is the individuals," stated Lynne. "I feel like I have really become a part of their family, and they have become a part of mine as well." Lynne also shared that "when you are here, you should always be constantly growing and learning. If you don't know something, just ask, there is always someone who can help."

In the summers, Lynne volunteers her time as an RN for various summer camps and she has also assisted in a Traumatic Brain Injury support group. She is an animal lover (especially dogs), and enjoys doing activities outdoors, whether it's hiking at a park, attending a concert or travelling. Thank you Lynne for providing quality care to the people CDS Monarch serves and for being a great mentor to your coworkers!
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