In 2014, Community Living is shifting its focus to show how individual choices can lead to lifetime transformation. At the heart of Community Living is a service system that can be molded to fit the unique needs of each individual. If a person requires skills from Day Services, we start with where they are and work with them to develop independence, using each day site as an opportunity to learn. For example, Linden is a site geared towards sensory development, whereas Without Walls is meant for those who like to volunteer.

When someone is ready to live in the community, we are able to have staff support them on a daily basis until they are comfortable being on their own (i.e. shift from having services every day, down to six hours a week). With Family Care, individuals can live in a small setting and get more 1:1 attention. Vocational Services' new motto is "Educate, Motivate, and Prepare" individuals for employment opportunities and help them discover the joys of work.

The future of clinical services is to have a reliable network of professionals that come to the individuals and help them decide what therapies they need. Community Living believes in "The Power of One", meaning that one individual can achieve whatever they set their mind to, and one Community Living staff member can help them achieve greater independence.

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