Ben has spent the majority of his two years working at CDS Monarch's Matthew Drive residence, as the Assistant Residence Manager. During this time he also filled in for the Residence Manager at French Road for two months over the summer. In January, Ben moved to Day Services and became the new Site Manager for Penbrooke Creative Opportunities (PCO), where he currently supervises a team of 15 staff. Ben oversees the daily activities at PCO, including staff trainings, van servicing, individual plan updates, and monthly audits. He has also been working closely with the clinicians to put together a proposal for a new sensory room at the site. Ben serves on the Wellness Committee, has been a CPR trainer, is enrolled in the Leadership 101.5 cohort and is taking the Personal Outcome Measures (POMs) training to become a POMs interviewer.

"Ben has an energetic and creative spirit. He has a team approach to leadership and will always make a joke to make others feel comfortable around him," stated Andrew Sewnauth, Administrator for Community Living. "PCO has really started to rally around him and he has already made suggestions to better our department as a whole."

"Having something new to look forward everyday is one of the best parts of this job," says Ben. "I also enjoy the opportunities I have to become a part of the individuals and staff members lives." Ben also shared that "every day is a new opportunity. Don't take things personally and see challenges as something to learn and grow from. Hard work has its benefits if you can look beyond any immediate challenges you face."

In his free time Ben likes to play with his kids, be with his family and watch football. He has a great sense of humor too, and likes to make people laugh.

Thank you Ben, for the compassion that you show to everyone around you, and for putting forth your best effort in support of all the individuals at CDS Monarch.
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