Touria has worked at CDS Monarch since June of 2010. She started as a Support Specialist at Roxwell before transferring to Blended Creative Opportunities after one year. Her daily tasks include working with the individuals as they participate in music, art, and exercise, among the other wide range of opportunities Blended Creative Opportunities provides the individuals.

"Touria takes the initiative to ensure the needs of the program are met," Blended Creative Opportunities Program Manager Valerie Daniels said. "She is always willing to cover where needed. Touria is a very caring and patient staff. She makes the groups productive and fun. She is a true role model for the individuals."

Touria said she loves everything about working at CDS Monarch. "I like being with the individuals and staff. I'm always ready to help out if needed."

She also offered advice to staff members, saying, "It's important to listen to the individuals and give them opportunities."

In her free time, Touria said she enjoys praying, as she's very religious, as well as fitness, spending time with her three children, and shopping.

Thank you, Touria, for all your hard work and dedication!

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"Staff Highlight: Touria Banour"

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