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Dance the Night Away

CDS Monarch hosts a dance once a month, with a new theme each time. There are two staff present at each dance along with volunteers. Staff can help wi

The Monarch Poets

The Monarch Poets continue to work on their first poetry magazine, to be issued in the next few months. The Memorial Art Gallery  group, wor

PCO's Achieving Dreams

Penbrooke Creative Opportunities held their Achieving Dreams open house on April 5th in order to show how much their individuals have achieved and gro

Good Friday Outing

Rob N., Phillip F., and Ben Spencer from CDS Monarch's Marshall Road residence spent their Good Friday at Terrace Gardens for a bowling outing. The gu

New York State Budget Awards CDS Monarch with $100,000 Funding Grant

New York State has awarded CDS Monarch grant funding of $100,000 for Warrior Salute™, a service of CDS Monarch, which helps Veterans with Post T

April is Autism Awareness Month

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the U.S. and has no known cure. To spread awareness and gain acceptance, the United Sta

Join Us for a Community Living Info Session

Community Living is a new initiative by CDS Monarch, designed to take service delivery to the next level for individuals and their families. While tra

Staff Highlight: Valarie Floyd

Valarie Floyd has been working at CDS Monarch as a Support Specialist for eight years. She regularly provides direct care for the individuals at Park

The Home Shopping Network features Warrior Salute Seasonings

Unistel has been presented with the opportunity to work with the Home Shopping Network to sell our Warrior Salute Seasonings. This is a great mileston

Congratulations to Warrior Salute Graduates

Warrior Salute held a graduation ceremony on Wednesday, March 27th for Jon Stanley, Dean Sparks and Jon Bessellieu.Jon Stanley came to Warrior Salute

Seeking Family Care Providers

CDS Monarch is looking for responsible, loving people to share their homes with someone with a developmental disability. Become a family care provider

The Dance Connection

The Dance Connection continues their performances at Baywinde Senior Living Facility two times each month.  The elder residents love the dan

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

The Monarch Players, our talented theater troupe, performed Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, again, this time at CDS Monarch! The house was filled

Staff Highlight: Olufemi Akinpelu

Olufemi Akinpelu has been a great asset to the Marshall Road residence for a little over a year now. Prior to that, he spent about seven years at Penb

Special Olympics Aquatic Tournament

On Saturday March 8th, Genesee Region Special Olympic held the Aquatic Tournament at The Webster Aquatic Center. CDS Monarch had 17 Aquatic Olympian p