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"On Monday, I had the opportunity to tour CDS Life Transitions' Unistel Industries where individuals with disabilities work packaging spices for commercial use.

"Their biggest client?  Only The U.S Military!  THAT is how grand of an operation this is.

"As someone who has toured many production facilities, I can tell you that Unistel is high end.  They have vigorous training and safety procedures, automated machinery to assist in packaging, and quality controls that (and I'm afraid to say this) actually goes above and beyond other facilities I am familiar with.

"Salt, pepper, garlic powder, bay leaves.. they do it all.  

"Look for them in Wegmans!  You'll recognize their stuff under the "Warrior Salute" label.

"Here are a few pics I took from our tour.  I was with Michelle from The Perfect Granola, Mike Schwabl of Dixon-Schwable, Jerry of Ryan Heating & Cooling, and the good people from Unistel."

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