Supported Employment (SEMP)

Supported Employment (SEMP) assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with obtaining employment in the community (individual placements). Individual placements are for job seekers who have already developed strong work readiness skills: excellent attendance, a great attitude and work ethic. They may simply require support as they train for their new job. 

You have the opportunity to bring on skilled and dedicated team members. Each staff you hire will be supported by a job coach for their first few weeks on the job to ensure they are trained and ready to go. The job coach will continue to monitor their progress month to month to answer any questions you may have and assist as you see fit. 

Our Job Developers will work with you to better understand your business needs so they can be certain they are referring potential employees who are a great match! You interview the candidate as per your typical process and go from there. 

Did you Know...

  • Workers with disabilities often remain on the job longer over time than other employees. 
  • Hiring an individual with a disability is an excellent way to show that you embrace a truly diverse workforce. Individuals with disabilities, their families and those who work with and for them constitute a significant portion of the consumer marketplace. 
  • Employers who hire workers with disabilities may qualify for tax credits. 
  • There is NO COST to the employer to hire through Supported Employment.

For more information about how your business can partner with us, please contact our SEMP Manager at 585.341.4718 or send us an email.