Services - Unistel Industries

Our commitment to you is to remain an active part of every order - from initial contact to final production and delivery. Every part of the process is important to us in order to meet your needs.

What we bring to our customers:


We know that time is valuable and reliable delivery is a critical need to remain competitive. We are committed to meeting time-sensitive scheduling with detailed reliability.


Safety is a priority in every service we provide and all the products we deliver. From industrial and assembly to fulfillment and food processing, we adhere to the highest safety standards and meet FDA and governmental regulations.

Quality Assurance

Unistel Industries is backed by a robust quality assurance and lab testing process that is designed to meet the highest standards of testing, review, evaluation, formulating, safety and security.

Unistel Industries Holds These Quality Ratings:

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified – Level 3 – Excellent Rating
  • NY AG & Market Approved
  • FDA Food Modernization Act Compliant
  • Kosher Certified – Star K

Accessibility & Guarantee

We believe our relationships with our customers are just as important as the services we provide and the products we deliver. We stand behind what we do and offer ongoing, dedicated and personal customer support beyond delivery. We are an available resource to provide assistance with any problem, concern or last minute need.


Innovation is the key that helps drive today’s most successful business. As problem solvers, the Unistel team looks for unique processes and innovative solutions that will help deliver the most cost-effective and reliable product to our customers.

For instance, our experience with the United States Military has led us to develop innovative and effective standards to securely ship and land drop goods anywhere in the world.

Our Services Include:

Spice and Seasoning Supply, Manufacturing & Packaging for Wholesale and Retail Customers

Packaging and Manufacturing of Dry Foods  / Frozen Foods

Private Label and Co-Packaging

Key Sourcing of all Food Products 


Distribution and Logistics

Consolidation and Fulfillment

Industrial and Technical Assembling

Bundling and Sorting

Specialized Packaging and Exportation